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          • 企业简介
          • 组织架构
          • 历史沿革
          • 重庆市设计院有限公司历史源远流长,发轫之始可追溯到20世纪20年代。1950年成立至今,我司秉承“精心设计、求实创新、诚信服务、顾客满意”的企业理念,坚持品质第一,顾客至上的核心价值观,以无畏的精神、豪放的激情、宽阔的胸怀,正带领一支“创新力强、凝聚力强、竞争力强、事业心强”的四强核心团队,用最自豪的姿态,最坚定的信念,最铿锵的脚步迈向西部乃至中国设计行业之巅。

            重庆市设计院有限公司系国家建设部、国家发改委批准的综合甲级勘察设计和工程咨询单位,拥有建筑工程、城市规划、市政公用、工程勘察四大主要甲级资质及风景园林、工程咨询、工程造价咨询等十余项国家甲级资质。并通过GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015质量认证。曾荣获全国建设系统文明建设先进单位、全国“政府放心、用户满意”先进单位、全国建筑设计行业先进单位、“重庆市五一劳动奖状先进单位”和“全国工程勘察设计百强企业”、“当代中国建筑设计百家名院”等荣誉称号。

            Chongqing Design Institute Co.,Ltd. (CQDI Co.,Ltd.) is a competitive and influential state-owned enterprise with more than ninety-year history in China. Our main predecessor is the Design Department of Chongqing Construction Bureau established in 1950s. Depending on the incessant insistence on ingenuity and responsibility, CQDI Co.,Ltd. has become a comprehensive design and advisory institute with national engineering integrated Class-A qualification. In addition, we obtain the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality System and the awards from the Ministry of Construction as a leading innovative enterprise in engineering survey and design.

            CQDI Co.,Ltd. possesses multifarious Class-A qualifications in architecture, municipal public engineering, city planning, landscape, building intelligent design, project cost consultation, construction drawing inspection, etc. Meanwhile, it has comprehensive organizational structure and adequate human resource. CQDI Co.,Ltd. is composed of more than 30 departments, including:

            10 architectural design departments

            6 municipal design and survey departments

            12 operation and research departments

            6 subsidiaries

            7 administrative departments

            More than 1100 technicians and officers are working in CQDI Co.,Ltd. There are 33 professors of engineering, 334 senior engineers and 296 engineers. 134 staffs have the state-registered certifications of Architect, Structure Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Cost Engineer, etc. Meanwhile, 408 have the degree of master or higher and 505 hold the bachelor degree. With the advantages in engineering qualification, organization structure and human resource, CQDI Co.,Ltd. owns the capacity of providing high-quality whole-lifecycle services in construction domain, and conducting specific consultation and research for clients.

            Since its establishment in last century, more than 6000 construction and survey projects have been accomplished successfully by CQDI Co.,Ltd. all over the country. Nearly 300 of them, such as Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, Chongqing Metropolitan Plaza, Chongqing Stadium in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Xiamen International Trade Mansion, etc, won the national, provincial and ministerial prizes. In addition, CQDI Co.,Ltd. presides over and participates in the compilation of some national and local standards. With decades of exploration and accumulation, CQDI Co.,Ltd. has taken the leading position in mountainous architecture and planning, local architecture and regional culture, slope retaining, the prevention and control of geological disasters, the waterproofing of deep-buried basement and so on in China.

            Besides maintaining a sustainable increase in domestic market, CQDI Co.,Ltd. has also taken active and effective steps to achieve internationalization in past twenty years. We obtain the foreign-trade right to cooperates with many foreign design and construction enterprises in a number of projects, including “Chongqing Jialing-Fanying” with the Arup (UK), the KPF (USA) and the P&T Architects & Engineers Limited (Hongkong), “Chongqing Science and Technology Museum” with AS. Architecture-Studio (France), “No.96 Xuefu Avenue” with the HASSELL (Australia), etc. Additionally, we tender for and accomplishe some overseas projects successfully, such as a quantity of building projects in the Africa which involves approximately 100,000 square meters in all. These promote CQDI Co.,Ltd. to be a powerful competitor in global engineering market.

            Over past half century, golden times have forged ingenuity of designers generations after generations, in which, the combo of artistic imagination and architectural expertise have elaborated on uncountable exquisite works. Though splendid achievements have been obtained, tomorrow is always a new start for everyone in CQDI Co.,Ltd. We will make continuous effort in the right combination of creation, elaboration, responsibility and design to gain not only the promotion in market share and clients’ satisfaction, but also a better world for every life in the future.